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 Jacob Stark through the years (Micro heroes)

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Jacob A. Stark


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PostSubject: Jacob Stark through the years (Micro heroes)   Wed Oct 30, 2013 8:58 pm

Jacob Stark's appearances, allies, and enemies throughout the years (Credit to 99 for the idea with his topic.)

Row 1: Jacob Stark's appearances: Iron Wonder [Helmetless], Iron Wonder, Civilian, Toxin, Toxin [W/ Shades], Stealth Toxin, Stealth Toxin [W/out Shades], Iron Wonder [Helmetless/Post Omnipotence], Iron Wonder [Post Omnipotence], Symbiotic Toxin, Toxin [After Noelle's death], Toxin [After Noelle's Death W/Shades]
Row 2: Avengers and Supporting Characters: Trent Washington, Jenny Treveney, Chris Connors, Ken Barton, Noelle Cruze [Deceased], Shade, Icarus, Warkiller, Sharpshot [Deceased], Bones [Deceased], Annihilator [Deceased]
Row 3: Solo Villains: Iron Behemoth, Genetic, Poison, Deathtrap, Jinketsu,
Row 4: Avengers Villains:
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Stark through the years (Micro heroes)   Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:52 pm

Ain't I awesome in the middle? Looking all awesome and everything.
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Jacob Stark through the years (Micro heroes)
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