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 Avengers Formations (Micro heroes)

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Avengers Formations (Micro heroes) Empty
PostSubject: Avengers Formations (Micro heroes)   Avengers Formations (Micro heroes) Icon_minitimeSun Oct 06, 2013 2:45 pm

~Avengers~ Phase One/First Formation:
(The Hero Origins)
Avengers Formations (Micro heroes) 3_aven10
Row One: Iron Wonder, Iron Rebel, Paradox, Volt, Hooded Assassin, Vibration, Warkiller, Ace, Stitches
Row Two: Shade, Toxin/Sharpshot, Spider Assassin (Ye ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), Silver Hawk (Legiit)

~Avengers~ Phase Two/Second Formation:
(Formation of the Avengers)
Avengers Formations (Micro heroes) 4_aven10
Row One: Iron Wonder/Toxin, Iron Rebel, Paradox, Volt, Hooded Assassin, Shade, Icarus
Row Two: Warkiller, Sharpshot (Reborn), Bones, Indri, Shadow, Silver Hawk, Annihilator, Mystery

~Avengers~ Phase Three/Third Formation:
(Avenger's Prime)
Avengers Formations (Micro heroes) 5_aven11
Row One: Toxin, Shade, Iron Rebel, Stitches, Paradox, Volt, Hooded Assassin, Icarus, Flickz, Warkiller
Row Two: Silver Hawk, Annihilator/Hope, Amnesia

~Avengers~ Phase Four/Fourth Formation:
(Age of Omnipotence)

~Avengers~ Phase Five/Fifth Formation:
(Aftermath of Omnipotence)

~Avengers~ Phase Six/Sixth Formation:
(A World With Heroes)

~Avengers~ Phase Seven/Seventh Formation:

~Avengers~ Phase Eight/Eighth Formation:

~Avengers~ Phase Nine/Ninth Formation:
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Avengers Formations (Micro heroes)
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