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 The Stark Heist

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PostSubject: The Stark Heist   The Stark Heist Icon_minitimeFri Mar 14, 2014 6:23 pm

A shadowy figure slid down the hallway, completely silent and not leaving a single trace of ever being there.  This was the easy part, she’d already retrieved her goal and was making her way to the exit back the way she had come.  Stealing the blue-prints she needed hadn’t been as hard as she’d expected.  Surely Stark Industries should’ve been better guarded.  There hadn’t even been any fatalities yet!
Deep in thought, she passed a door, tiptoeing past as a child might after their bedtime.  Beyond the door she heard voices, normally she wouldn't have stopped, but a single word caught her attention.
“Have you heard about the burglar who stole the Hope Diamond?  They slipped in and out without anyone noticing!” a voice said in hushed excitement.
“Yeah, really something huh, now get back to work,” another voice replied in a rather bored tone.
“I’m just saying, and all they left was a small note that said,’A real Paradox isn’t it?’  with a little winky smiley face on it.  It’s amazing!”  the first voice had gotten louder.
“Get back to work before I ma-”
The door had opened behind the two men,”Wow guys, I’m real flattered.  I didn’t know I’d gotten that famous yet!”
Grinning beneath her black mask the figure hurled two knives towards the men, lodging them squarely in each of their chests.
She turned towards a security camera, just like the ones she’d avoided in the halls.  “Let’s make this more interesting.  The name’s Paradox, and I have your most valuable blueprints,” she patted her small pack at her side,”If I were you right now, I’d come and get me real quick, a’ight? See you soon!” Paradox swiftly threw another knife at the camera, and sprinted out down the corridor.
No longer trying to conceal herself, Paradox was at a full run.  She heard a shout, and the shuffle of footsteps rounding a corner.  The squad of guards had just entered the hall Paradox had been in, just after she had closed a door behind her, leaving them clueless to her whereabouts.
In the room there were three people in white lab coats, all of which were staring at her in shock.  Two of them men the other a woman.  Paradox put a finger to her lips, in a gesture to keep them quiet.  The woman screamed out, but Paradox was quick to react.  She drew her pistol and shot the woman square in the forehead without hesitation.  A chair tipped over, crashing to the ground as the men scrambled to get to a safer spot.  Paradox quickly took care of them and holstered her gun.
Knowing the squad of guards wouldn’t be far, she took a sharp turn and fled the room where she had just mercilessly killed three innocent people.  She shook her head, brushing the guilt away.  Bounding up flights of stairs, she could no longer hear footsteps of pursuing guards.  Paradox slowed to a walk, and cracked open the door to the ground floor.
With the layout of the tower, the desk staff lounge wasn’t too far from the stairwell.  She could hear a small child crying out, one small as about six years old.
“B-But my mom and dad are down there!  I gotta go see them!” the little girl was shrieking through her tears at a secretary.
Paradox walked closer to the door, peering through the glass.
“I’m sorry Noelle, I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait a bit, the whole building is in code red okay honey?” The secretary was trying her hardest to pacify the little girl.
“Moommy!  Daadddy!”  Every word from the little girl’s mouth tore through the air like a siren.
Paradox inched the door open, and the secretary clamped a hand over the girl’s mouth, shushing her.  Suddenly Paradox flung the door open, and ran towards the two.  She scooped up the little girl throwing her over her shoulder, and pushed the secretary away, driving a knife into her sleeve and the wall.  Maybe she’d be useful as a hostage.
The child thrashed in her arms, and Paradox dropped her.  She scampered away and hid behind a couch. From behind the stairwell door shouts and the clattering of boots against the steps.  Paradox glanced from the girl to the door, and made a split decision.  She ran out the door, hurrying down the street and down into the sewer system.
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The Stark Heist
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