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 Trent Washington

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PostSubject: Trent Washington   Trent Washington Icon_minitimeFri Oct 04, 2013 1:30 am

Name: Trent Washington

Hero Title:Iron Rebel

Abilities:New Iron Man suit of armor with tons of updates,and also Martial arts.

Gender: Male

Race: Human.(It's cause he white.)

Affiliation (Teams):Avengers,X-Men

Birthplace: Boston New York

Birth Date:


Personality:Genius with tactics and tech,extremely funny and out going.

Face Claim (Optional):Alex Pettyfer

Theme Song (Optional): Never Too Late 3DG

Backstory:6'5,medium sized black hair,blue eyes and usually wears blazers with the sleeves rolled up most of the time,and jeans.
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Trent Washington
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