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 Apocalypse Rising: Jared's Expedition (From the Journal of Trinity Allendale)

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Apocalypse Rising: Jared's Expedition (From the Journal of Trinity Allendale) Empty
PostSubject: Apocalypse Rising: Jared's Expedition (From the Journal of Trinity Allendale)   Apocalypse Rising: Jared's Expedition (From the Journal of Trinity Allendale) Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2014 6:14 pm

Chapter One: Day 1
(Written from Jared's perception)

Day 0 - Time: 15:35 - Location: South of Avyon, Turnpike Valley
.         Jared Gray sat up with a jolt. He was panting as the wind blew through the grass blades and the leaves on the tree that was towering above him. He lifted his hand and wiped a blade of grass off his cheek. Had he fallen asleep under the tree? He was out south of his home, in a place known as Turnpike Valley. Jared was supposed to drop something off at the head of the community's house. He lived in a small town in the southern parts of Turnpike Valley, a small town named 'Avyon'. It only inhabited 100-150 people. The majority of the people wanted to live in the Northern parts of Turnpike valley, that or they would take a day or two to move to the city of Kin. A towering city that serves as the capital of the Planet Earth, and the place where Jared was born.
 .        Jared stood up and wiped grass off his clothing. He was wearing a white T-Shirt with blue wranglers and dark brown cowboy boots. The wind rustled through the trees creating a low hum. Jared looked up at the leaves under the shade of the tree. His facial expression slowly lowered as the sound of the wind reminded him of his father's voice. He had not thought of his father in over 3 years. He leaned over and grabbed a small hiking pack that was sitting on the ground next to where he had rested. Jared slung the pack over his shoulder, he walked off the grass and onto a dirt road, he kept walking south towards the next set of houses. Passing farms on his way. He stared up at the white clouds rolling across the baby blue sky and let his mind race.
.         "What do you plan on doing do this child?" A voice was heard. Jared was now daydreaming. The vision cleared as he saw his father standing in the center of Kin. A young child, only the age of one was in his arms. A woman was standing next to him. It was the child's mother. The young child was Jared. He could remember the day as he did the back of his hand. A man in a black button up shirt and black vest covered in buttons and badges stood in front of a group of people wearing the same clothing. They were standing in front of Jared's father as he held onto the child keeping him away from the soldiers. "That's Classified Information." The soldier said. He lowered the gun he was holding and held a hand out. "Now hand over the child." The soldier lifted up the shades he was wearing and stared at Jared's father with dead eyes.
.           Jared crunched his facial expression together taking a break from the daydream. He always wondered to himself why Trinity Corp wanted him. Did they want him for the military or did they want him for something else? He knew he would never get the answer so he let his mind drift to the daydream again.
.           Jared's father clenched his son who was asleep at the time. "Over my dead body." He grit his teeth as the soldier stepped forward. It seemed as though they had spent multiple minutes discussing since the sun was now setting. The soldier stepped forward. "I can carry out my orders." He said. The soldier threw a knife he had in his hand that wasn't supporting a gun. He tried to slash at Jared's father, who had stepped back. The blade of the knife lowered down and accidentally sliced Jared's face from his eye down to his cheek. The child woke up and let out a slow cry as his father threw his hands out and tossed the child to his mother. "It's time!" He shouted as a soldier struck him in the back with the butt of a gun, his father coiled to the ground as the mother ran with the child through the streets of Kin. Soldiers turned on flashlights as the sun crept down out of view leaving Kin in total darkness. The mother held the child's face against her chest muffling his cries and stopping the blood flow as they ran through Kin. A few soldiers turned on flashlights and chased after her within the maze of buildings. However the two eventually exited out of the city and gunshots were heard.
.           After that, Jared stopped his daydream. He kept walking down the road as he passed a few rows of fresh trees and farms. He touched his face and felt where the blade had struck him. A scar was right below his eye travelling down to halfway down his cheek. It wasn't very visible, although people could see it if they truly payed attention. He grit his teeth as stopped in front of a house. He walked up the driveway towards the front door taking the pack off his shoulder.

Day 0 - Time: 17:35 - Location: Avyon, Turnpike Valley
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Apocalypse Rising: Jared's Expedition (From the Journal of Trinity Allendale)
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