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 Survivors: The Heroes

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Jacob A. Stark

Jacob A. Stark

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PostSubject: Survivors: The Heroes   Survivors: The Heroes Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2014 4:06 pm

Name: Jared Gray
Age: 13-14
Date of Birth: 6-13-2030
Birthplace: Manhaven, Kin
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 134
Apocalypse Role: Leader of the Guardians and Trinity Corp's Main 'Coordinate'
Quote he follows: "Die another Day"

Pack: Grey Survival Pack
Main Weapons: Hatchet, G36K Assault Rifle
Other Weapons: Makarov Pistol, ?
Ammo: 5 Mags of G36K Ammo, 6 Mags of Makarov Ammo
Attachments: G36K Grip, G36K Lazer Attachment, G36K Suppressor
Food and Water: 3 Water bottles, 1 Can of beans, 1 Can of Vegetables
Drugs: 2 Blood bags,
Utilities: A Map, Military Flashlight, Watch, Binoculars, Compass

Clothing: A padded Grey T-Shirt and Black Jeans with brown shoes and black fingerless gloves.

Fellow Coordinates/Guardians: Dylan Carpenter, Kenneth Buckley, Cameron Bates, Cassandra Bradburn
Fellow Survivors: Trinity Allendale, Jordyne Rutherford

Hair Color and style: Dark Brunette, short hairstyle.
Eye Color: Greenish Blue
Skin Color: White

Personality: Jared often takes a leadership type personality. He cares about his fellow survivors and value their life more than his own. He is a teenager who wants the best for others which is shown with his nice personality. When defending his friends, he takes a rampaging like attitude and would not hesitate to kill someone threatening his allies.

Theme Song (Optional): Already over - RED

Biography: Born in Manhaven, Kin, the Northeastern-most town in the city of Kin, Jared was separated from his father after he was killed a year after he was born by a Trinity Corp soldier, Jared was rescued by his birth mother after the Trinity Corp soldier tried abducting him, the most he could do was slash at the child cursing Jared with a scar going from his eye down to his cheek. Jared and his mother took refuge in the small town of Avyon within Turnpike Valley, a valley that was a few miles away from Kin. Jared was raised in this small town and lived out a normal life. Meeting friends along the way until his 8th grade year. On the date of March 26th, 2044, the main corporation of Trinity Corp went bankrupt and the scientists were out of a job. No one knows how it occurred, although reports of dead bodies rising up and feasting upon the flesh got loose of Kin. These things known as 'Zombies' eventually got out around the rest of the world turning it into a deserted wasteland. 13 at the time, Jared watched his mother violently torn apart. Taking the hatchet she always used to cut down firewood in the forest, Jared slashed the zombie to shreds and was unable to save his mother. His mother made him promise that he would stay alive. Jared did so and got gear he had inside his house, he had no choice but to kill his own mother as it was her wish to not turn. He planned on leaving Turnpike valley and venturing out in the world. He was accompanied by three of his friends, Trinity Allendale, Jordyne Rutherford, and Tyler Trenton. The four traveled out of the valley where Tyler split off from the group and went his own way. Jared then ventured out into the world with Trinity and Jordyne to get vengeance on Trinity Corp, he would later find more survivors and plan to restore the hellish world they live in now to the peaceful times it used to hold.

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Ken Barton
Ken Barton

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PostSubject: Re: Survivors: The Heroes   Survivors: The Heroes Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2014 4:15 pm

Name: Kenneth "Ken" Buckley
Age: 14-15
Date of Birth: 11-04-2029
Birthplace: Vernal
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170
Apocalypse Role: Guardians and Trinity Corp's Secondary 'Coordinate'

Pack: Grey Survival Pack
Main Weapons: Sabre, RPK, M1911
Other Weapons: ?, ?
Ammo: 5 Mags of RPK, One RPK Drum, 7 M1911 Mags
Food and Water: 3 Water Bottles, 3 MRE
Drugs: 3 Blood Bags
Utilities: A Map, Military Flashlight, Watch, Binoculars, Compass

Fellow Coordinates/Guardians: Jared Gray, Dylan Carpenter, Cameron Bates, Cassandra Bradburn
Fellow Survivors: Gian Tucker

Hair Color and style: Dark Brown Short hair
Eye Color: Blue eyes, Wears Glasses
Skin Color: White

Personality: Doesn't like to kill. But if his friends are in danger, Kenneth will hurt other humans. He's kind and puts others before himself. Kenneth tries to act comedic for a replacement of his inner feelings. He also likes to scout ahead to insure safety, Also tends to volunteer a lot.
Theme Song: War of Change - Thousand Foot Krutch

Biography: Born in the Hospital of Vernal, Kenneth had a pretty normal life due to the Trinity Corp. Not paying attention to the city as much as others, But Kenneth only had one parent due to his Father moving to Olke, But he was 14 when the disaster struck, Vernal was one of the first places to be attacked, leaving Kenneth to run from the city with orders from his mother, as she was defending other city people. Along the way he found some of his old friends he grew up with. They were Gian Tucker and Clinton Carville, even though the two never had any real friendship between themselves, they and Kenneth decided to head to Olke for their next destination, Already Overruned, they camped out at a nearby Police station where Kenneth found his Sabre along with a M1911, Those were the only weapons he had. And the only ones he needed for the time being. They cleared Olke to find that Kenneths Father was no where to be found, Giving up, Kenneth decides to explore the land with his friends, hoping to find more friendly survivors the help with survival.

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Trent Washington

Trent Washington

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PostSubject: Re: Survivors: The Heroes   Survivors: The Heroes Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2014 10:23 pm

Name: Dylan Carpenter
Age: 14-15
Date of Birth: 4-13-2029
Birthplace: Suburbs of Olke
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Weight: 168
Apocalypse Role: Guardians and One of Trinity Corp's Secondary Coordinate

Pack: Black Survival Pack
Main Weapons: Crowbar, Makarov
Other Weapons: ?, ?
Ammo: 8 mags
Attachments: None
Food and Water: One MRE, Three bottles of water, Four packs of Beef Jerkey
Drugs: Three boxes of Pain Pills, two blood packets.

Fellow Coordinates/Guardians: Jared Gray, Kenneth Buckley, Cameron Bates, Cassandra Bradburn
Fellow Survivors : Carolina Dodson, Mark Filson

Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Skin Color: Tan

Personality: Dylan is down to earth, doesn't really speak much when not needed. He doesn't want to kill anyone, but will if anyone tries to harm his people. Has some leadership skills, but are sometimes hidden by his quiet attitude. He will do anything to help Carolina and Mark, they are his two best friends.

Bio: Dylan grew up in Olke, a small town. He met Mark when he was 8 years old, and they have been best friends ever since. But 8th grade year, Carolina moved to Olke. She originally lived in another part of the country. The two began dating after a while, and have been ever since.
The turn happened while they were both at Dylan's home watching a movie, his grandmother. Whom he lived with, was out working at the local police station. He gets a call from her, explaining that he needs to get down there as soon as possible, the call ended with screams and the sound of ripping flesh. Followed by the sloppy eating noises of the undead feasting. He knew what was happening. Trinity Corp had messed up, his Grandmother worked for them so he knew about the "Patient Zero" they were working on. He walked into the garage, grabbing a black Survival pack and a crowbar. He walked back into the main house, going into his grandmothers room. He found three boxes of pain pills, which he stuck in his bag. Then came the kitchen, he stocked up on food and gave Carolina a full Blue Survival pack. "Mark, meet me and Carolina at my house. It's starting." He had said, after explaining just a few days later how Trinity Corp was scared of a mishap. He explained to Carolina what was happening, and then said the following. "No matter what happens, I will be there. We may not be the grown adults are parents are. But we have the maturity." And then they set off on their voyage.
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PostSubject: Re: Survivors: The Heroes   Survivors: The Heroes Icon_minitime

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Survivors: The Heroes
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