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 Taylor Richards

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PostSubject: Taylor Richards   Taylor Richards Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 2:47 am

Name: Taylor Richards
Hero Title:
Abilities: Cloning (Max 4, other than original)
Gender: Female
Race: American
Affiliation (Teams): Avengers
Birthplace: Florida
Birth Date: Januarary 6, 1996
Age: 17
Personality: Not so bright, bubbly, curious.
Face Claim (Optional): Teresa Palmer
Theme Song (Optional): (we can't stop. jk it's not actually it) N/A
Backstory: Born by the beach, she had fun as a kid and had great memories. Her parents 'spoiled' her, and she was 'popular'. Then, she found about her powers. She used them to her demise, of course. Homework at one place, party at another. (lennyfaic.) Her parents found out, and shipped her off to where they thought it would be best. (deh avengers tower. coz xmen is too mainstream now.)
Extras (Optional): (idk wat extras are.) N/A
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Taylor Richards
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