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 Brandon Parker

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Brandon Parker

Brandon Parker

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PostSubject: Brandon Parker   Brandon Parker Icon_minitimeSun Jul 27, 2014 4:26 pm

Name:Brandon Parker
Hero Title: Spider-Prime
Abilities:Superhuman Strength,Superhuman Agility,Wall-Crawling:,Spider-Sense, Superhuman Equilibrium
Race:Mutated Human
Affiliation (Teams):Avengers
Birthplace: NYC, Manhatten
Birth Date: May 3rd, 1994
Age: 20
Personality:enthusiastic, serious, and insensitive
Face Claim (Optional): Andrew Garfield
Backstory: Son of the famous Spider-man and Mary Jane Watson, Brandon and his brother Allan hopes to live up to their father's legacy. When their father died Brandon went to become the next spider-man, Spider-Prime but his brother decided to continue his father's scientific profession and made a 2.0 version of the venom suit, becoming New Venom. Now the two have become Enemies and fought each other for the rest of their careers. After that New Venom went missing for a year, causing Brandon to join the avengers.
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Brandon Parker
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